Carbon KT-Track Rear Spoiler for Exige V6 (flat/curved)

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Carbon KT-Track Rear Spoiler for Exige V6 (flat/curved)
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The new KT-Track rear wing for the Lotus Exige V6

Developed in the wind tunnel, our new KT-Track rear wing offers an optimal profile to generate a very good ratio of downrforce and air resistance. The 1.350 mm wide, curved wing ensures a balanced aerodynamic distribution, especially in combination with the motorsports front splitter. At an angle of 12° of the tail wing, the highest aerodynamic system efficiency is achieved.

The output on the rear axle is 50.2 kg at 160 km/h and 122 kg at 250 km/h.

The wing is fixed to the tailgate by aspecially build Komo-Tec wing supports which can withstand the additional load without any issues. As a standard, we supply these supports in black. Special colors such as silver or gold for example can be supplied on request.


a) Curved (pictures 1-6)

b) Flat (pictures 7-12)

c) Matt Finish

d) gloss Finish

You can get some more informations about the Rear Spoiler in our Technical Blog over here: Mira Windtunnel Test Blog

The part is fixed at the original fitting points. Motorsportpart - Track use only - NO street use StVO/StVZO!

An individual approval by TÜV-germany is possible at our dealership.

Partproduction "Made in Germany".

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