RC-Exhaust Valve-Control

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RC Exhaust Valve-Control

Most Lotus models are now equipped with a valve-exhaust as a standard factory spec. Especially with the latest models, the valve is controlled by the ECU only and opens depending on the model and driving modes from about 4,500-5,000 rpm or upper to match noise-emission-standards. Furthermore, the valve is opened to protect the engine at high load and to reduce the exhaustgas backpressure.

Our electronic valve control works completely independently of the ECU and allows you to keep the valve open or closed permanently!You may control the valve via remote control hand-held-transmitter (Smartlink).

Note: We recommend to not drive with a closed valve at high load if you still use the factory-spec exhaust. This advice is caused due to the pipe diameter and to prevent the car of an engine damage!However the use of the Komo-Tec muffler with closed exhaust valve under full load is without any disadvantages due to identical pipe diameter (closed / open valve).

For use:

  • Lotus Evora and Evora S (with factory fitted valve-exhaust),
  • Lotus Evora 400, Sport 410, GT410, GT430
  • Lotus Exige S V6, Sport 350, Sport 380, Sport 410, Cup 430
  • Lotus 3-Eleven
  • Lotus Elise 2004 onwards with Komo-Tec Sportsexhaust (under development)

Motorsportpart - Track use only - NO street use StVO/StVZO!

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