AutoBlip Double-Declutch-Controller

AutoBlip Double-Declutch-Controller
Ready for shipping Weight: 0.5 kg

AutoBlip – Double-Declutching Controller:

The easiest way to improve your lap times!

AutoBlip automatically blips (opens) the throttle when downshifting gears on your Lotus while downshifting and braking (only manual and electronical gaspedal MY08 onwards, not IPS). This allows the driver to focus 100% on braking while simultaneusly downshifting gears. AutoBlip reduces mechanical wear and tear on manual transmissions and improves vehicle stability when downshifting gears.

Simply put, better brake control combined with optimum engine drive equals faster lap times!

A controller will be fitted into the dash for adjusting the duration and delay of the rev.

(Fitment is about 1,5h in our workshop, not included)

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