Powerupgrade EX500 incl. new Supercharger R1900-TVS

Started on 20.06.2017

Performance Upgrade EX500 for Exige S V6 and Sport 350

Performance Upgrades with a supercharged engine is for sure
quite simply: increase the charge pressure until you get the
performance that is achieved and hope that the engine will solve
this massive mechanical and thermal wear out somehow.
And if it reacts with a massive engine damage,
the customer had bad luck. This is the simple method!

We have decided to upgrade with an more intelligent method:
The power should increase to 500 hp and 530 Nm by a minimum of charge-boost.
Also we take care of the lowest possible wear on all engine components
that can be achieved. The corresponding development process has taken our
experience for many months. After many different calculations, CFD flow simulations,
construction of different kinds of prototypes and countless hours on the dyno
we have now reached the goal of our development.





500 hp with a maximum charge-pressure of just
0.8 bar, a reasonable amount of internal motor
measures and a stable engine.

The focus of the development was to optimize the airflow
in the complete inflow tract, starting with the air filter and
its housing, via the air mass meter, and the throttle valve
up to the intercooler-housing between the charger and the inlet ducts.
This intercooler-housing must be a highly efficient charge-air-cooler,
but at the same time the inflowing air should pass it with the lowest possible
resistance and it should even get a distribution of the flow to all 6 cylinders.
If the charge-pressure is unevenly distributed over the individual cylinders,
The Cylinder with the largest inflowing air mass will also get the highest thermal wear.
The fatal consequences are destroyed pistons and valves.
The results of the CFD analysis have led to numerous tests  was successful.
The measurements of the flowpressure and –temperature at the different
intake ducts confirmed the positive results.

Considering the total efficiency of a supercharged engine
The efficiency of the charger cannot be forgotten.
The “Eaton” charger requires the highest efficiency at a driving-power
of about 60 hp. If you have to leave this comfort-area to go over to a raised
charger-rpm it can generate an higher charge pressure, but the own driving-power
will increase rather quickly by 10 ho or more.




In the finals of our development we generate up to
550 hp and 560 Nm, but also caused high engine wear
appearance. 500 hp therefore seem to be a “healthy” basis,
but for sure the beginning of future challenges!



EX500 (1)


Power-Upgrade EX500-Kit:

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction of the air intake temperature (cooled / uncooled) of approx. 35 ° C
  • Charge pressure loss by cooling system only 0.01 bar at 0,8 bar load pressure
  • Only a small additional weight (approx. 7.8 kg incl. Heat exchanger – without water)
  • Increased torque (130 Nm) and power (150 hp) to the standard vehicle

Phase EX500 consisting of:

  • KT500 Carbon Airbox System with K&N sports air filter
  • New Harrop TVS1900-Supercharger
  • Forged pistons
  • Forged con-rods
  • modificated pulley
  • Stainless steel manifold with optimized pipe lengths
  • 200-Cell Sports Catalyst HJS (Main Catalyst)
  • Oxygen sensor extension-cable
  • Optimization ECU-Software EX500
  • (ignition, injection characteristics and camshaft phase adjustment)
  • EX500 Decalset

EX500 water-to-air charge-cooling system consisting of:

  • Heat exchanger cooler in vehicle front
  • Electric water pump
  • Aluminum water tank for chargecooler
  • Complete aluminum intake manifold with integrated chargecooler and
  • injectior-holder, black anodized, revised for Harrop TVS1900 charger
  • water hoses


Lotus Exige,


Started on 24.05.2017



Nur vom 25. bis 28.05.2017 während des legendären 24h-Rennen am Nürburgring

bieten wir Ihnen bei Kauf einer unserer beiden grünen Exige Bestandsfahrzeuge ein ganz besonderes „Schmankerl“:


Lotus Hethel hautnah erleben …


Erleben Sie mit uns Lotus hautnah und sehen Sie live, wie die aktuelle Fahrzeugrange gebaut wird!

Mit der Heritage Tour bekommen Sie zusätzlich noch einen Einblick in die erfolgreiche

Motorsport-Vergangenheit von Colin Chapman und sehen originale Fahrzeuge die Geschichte geschrieben haben, alleine schon 7-maliger Formel 1 Konstrukteursweltmeister.


Beim Kauf des Neuwagens übernehmen wir daher für Sie die Kosten eines Werkstrips, des Fluges sowie der Unterkunft und begleiten Sie auf dieser Tour*:

– Hin- und Rückflug, sowie Übernachtung mit Frühstück in Hethel-Norwich, UK

– begleiteter Transfer von London Stansted Airport zum Lotus Werk

– Lotus Factory Tour

– Lotus Heritage Tour

– geführte, verfügbare Termine: 24.07. oder 23.10.2017!


Einfach eine Mail an:

sascha.hagen@komo-tec.de oder markus.riebel@komo-tec.de

Wir rufen Sie auch gerne zurück.


Gültig für:

Exige Sport 350, Toxic Green Pearl Metallic, #D10609**

Mehr Informationen hier…


Exige Sport 380, Motorsport Green Metallic, #D10552***

Mehr Informationen hier….


* Die Komo-Tec GmbH stellt die Begleitung der Tour zur Verfügung und koordiniert den Zeitplan, sowie die gemeinsame An- und Abreise. Die Komo-Tec GmbH übernimmt die Kosten für zuvor besprochene Flüge ab Köln-Bonn, sowie zuvor ausgewählte Hotels zur Übernachtung. Die Buchung erfolgt durch den Käufer direkt. Es gelten die Bedingungen der entsprechenden Veranstalter.


Diese Aktion ist nicht kombinierbar mit weiteren Rabatten! Werden die oben aufgeführten Termine nicht angetreten, so verfällt der Anspruch auf die Aktion. Für Sach- und Rechtsmängel, technische Ausfälle oder Nichtverfügbarkeit des Angebots haftet die Komo-Tec GmbH nicht, soweit nicht Vorsatz oder grobe Fahrlässigkeit vorliegen. Die An- und Abreise zum Ausgangspunkt des Events (Flughafen Köln-Bonn) erfolgt auf Kosten des Fahrzeugkäufers. Das Gleiche gilt auch für sämtliche privaten Kosten, die während der Veranstaltung entstehen (z.B. Minibar, Telefon etc.).

Eine Auszahlung der Aktion in bar, sowie der Rechtsweg sind ausgeschlossen.


**Exige Sport 350 (Schalter)

Gesamtverbrauch l/100 Km: innerorts: 14,5; außerorts: 7,6; Kombiniert: 10,1;

CO2 Emissionen: kombiniert von 235 g/km (Messverfahren gem. EU Norm), Energieeffizienzklasse: G


***Exige Sport 380 (Schalter)

Gesamtverbrauch l/100 Km: innerorts: 14,1; außerorts: 8,3; Kombiniert: 10,4;

CO2 Emissionen: kombiniert von 242 g/km (Messverfahren gem. EU Norm), Energieeffizienzklasse: G

Lotus Exige

Komo-Tec in the wind tunnel of “MIRA” in England

Started on 20.02.2017

Komo-Tec in the wind tunnel of “MIRA” in England

Serious engine development requires precise measurement methods to verify and document every single development step. That is the reason why we have purchased and installed a „Schenck“ engine test bed and a four wheel “SuperFlow“ rolling road already some years ago.

However, the optimization and measurement of aerodynamic modifications on a vehicle requires a completely different effort. Wind tunnels in which vehicles can be measured in their original size are extremely rare, since their operation is associated with a very high structural and financial expenditure.

In hardly any other vehicle discipline, presumption and fact are further apart than in aerodynamics. Therefore, we were very happy to receive the opportunity for a full test programme at the „MIRA“ wind tunnel in England in order to get down to some hard facts in more than 50 measurement cycles.

We tested different wing profiles and settings, front end, underbodies and diffusor modifications on our „Exige 460“, all with the same goal:

To determine the optimal aerodynamic configuration for our „Track“ and „Race“ packages with which the best compromise between downforce and drag can be achieved. At the same time, the aerodynamic balance front/rear should be as close to the static weight distribution as possible.

At the beginning of our measurements, the following standard vehicle data were established:

Total weight 1.140,80 kg (2.515,1 lb)
Front axle load 412,40 kg (909,2 lb)
Rear axle load 728,40 kg (1.605,9 lb)
Weight distribution (F / R) 36% / 64%
Frontal area 1,70 sqm
Drag (CD) 0,41 (without rear wing)
Airspeed in the tunnel 36 m/s
All forces and moments 160 km/h (99,42 mph)


The baseline run without a rear wing – as the basis of all subsequent trials – showed a small amount of positive lift at the rear and a CD of 0,41.

The subsequent measurement with the original rear wing of the “Exige Sport 350” already added a small amount of rear downforce (11.8 kg). At the same time, the CD value rose to 0.44 and thus corresponded to the standard of the “Exige Sport 350”.

The „Track“ aero package consists of the 1.350 mm wide rear wing with a specially curved profile to generate an excellent ratio between downforce and drag as well as the „Lotus Motorsport“ front splitter.

Our measurements of downforce and drag at wing were carried out at angles of 6°, 9°, 12° and 14°.

The highest aerodynamic efficiency was achieved with an angle of 12° for the rear wing:

Rear downforce: 50,2 kg (160 km/h)
Front downforce: 28,3 kg (160 km/h)
Aerodynamic Balance front/rear 36% / 64%
Static Balance is identical with 36% / 64%
Efficiency (Downforce L / Drag D) -78,5 kg / 101,4 kg = – 0,775

Required power to overcome

the aerodynamic drag 61 hp (160 km / h)

For comparison:

Drag power „Sport 350“ 55 HP (160 km/h)
Drag powerwithout rear wing 52 HP (160 km/h)


The forces on front and rear axles increase with the square of the speed.

Thus, the downforce on the rear axle is already 122 kg at a speed of 250 km/h.

The special Komo-Tec mounting brackets are designed to sustain this load on the rear engine cover.

In the subsequent trial of the “Race” Aero package, the maximum result on the rear axle with the “Race” wing in the 14 ° position and a 5 mm Gurney at 250 km / h achieved a downforce of 260 kg. The enormous downforce of the “Race” wing with Gurney cannot be brought into balance with the downforce on the front axle at this point.

The best compromise of all the demands placed on an Aero package for the race track was therefore achieved with the “Race” rear wing without Gurney with an angle of 14 ° and in the following configuration:

  • “Race” wing (without Gurney)
  • Front Splitter “Lotus Motorsport”
  • “Canards” front
  • Splitter Fences
  • Cover on the rear lower crossbars
  • Angle of the ground (rake) is raised by 0.25 °


This setting results in:

Rear downforce: 72.5 kg (160 km / h)
Front downforce: 44.2 kg (160 km / h)
Aerodynamic Balance front/rear 38% / 62%


Required power to overcome

the aerodynamic drag 67,3 hp (160 km / h)


For comparison:

Drag power “Track” 61 HP (160 km/h)
Drag power „Sport 350“ 55 HP  (160 km/h)
Drag power without rear wing 52 HP  (160 km/h)


Efficiency (Downforce L / Drag D) -116.7 kg / 110.4 kg = – 1.057

The measurement in the overall configuration “Track” – but with a yaw angle of 6 ° – reduced the total downforce by 8.1 kg, but shifted the aerodynamic balance slightly towards the rear axle. This effect is desired since an additional stabilization of the rear axle is welcome at high cornering speeds and large yaw angles (“drift angles”).

In addition to the huge number of measured data, we were also able to collect many interesting experiences on the complex aerodynamics of the automobile. Wool threads in numerous areas of the bodywork contributed effectively to the visualization of the airflow processes around our “Exige 460”.

Our future development focus will build on these experiences and focus on the further optimization of the vehicle front, the underbody and the diffusor.

Our future aero-developments will be build up on these findings and will focus on the further optimization of the front end, the underbody and the diffusor.




Lotus Exige,

(Deutsch) Entwicklungsstand EX500-Leistungsphase für Exige V6

Started on 04.02.2017

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Lotus Exige

Essen Motorshow 26.11.-04.12.2016

Started on 10.11.2016


We are here: Hall 6 Place D120 with Lotus am Ring and Komo-Tec!


Additionally you will see some of our sporty Lotus Range here:

Komo-Tec Exige EX460 “fastest Lotus at Sachsenring”

at Autobild Sportscars in Hall 3, Place A131,

aswell as our stunning Lotus Evora 400 at the southside Entrance.


Feel free to visit us – you are welcome!

Komo-Tec Events, Lotus Evora, Lotus Exige

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