Elise 220R Honda upgrade auf 2,2liter “Part2”

Started on 16.08.2018

Lotus Elise,

(Deutsch) Spitzenzeit 1.30,61 mit Komo-Tec 311-475 am Sachsenring

Started on 14.08.2018

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Lotus Elise, Lotus Evora, Lotus Exige,

Elise 220R Honda upgrade auf 2,2liter “Part1”

Started on 10.08.2018
As part of an engine overhaul we convert a Honda K20jdm engine to 2.2 liters. Long-stroke crankshaft, steel con rods and forged pistons


Enclosed first impressions


Lotus Elise

Sport Auto “Tuner GP 2018”

Started on 06.06.2018


Lap Time 1.07.3

After a two-year absence, the Komo-Tec team was back at the Sport Auto Tuner GP this year. Our models Exige EX460 and a 311-475 with sequential gearbox started in the sports car and Funcar class.

The 311 was at the first test on Friday quite strange from driving. The car was quite unbalanced on the rear axle and was prone to sudden oversteer. This does not necessarily help to get confidence in the vehicle, especially in the fast corners.
Here a good analysis was required which we were able to work out with some ideas to improve driving stability due to many years of experience in motorsport. The previously achieved lap times of 1.10min were unacceptable for such a sporty vehicle as the 3-eleven. So we put the car on the chassis dyno and first adjust the input values.
We deliberately arrived with the Lotus default setting, (axle geo and damper setup), however, had to realize that this is not suitable for Hockenheim short connection

Changes in the area of toe in and camber, especially on the rear axle, brought a significant improvement in driving stability, as well as changes to the dampers and Anti roll bar settings, and in the end the car was very homogeneous and clean, as known from a Lotus.
Thus, speeds of up to 192km / H in the “Querspange” were possible (previously 171km / h) which is one of the absolute top values ​​of all cars tested there. All these measures gave us a lap time of 1.07.3, which is respectable, but still falls short of our expectations. The data recording and test drives gave us a few more hints what to optimize on the 311 especially for Hockenheim small course to crack the 1.07 and later also the 1.06 .. we are off and will tackle this goal again


So much you can say … at longitudinal dynamics it is not 🙂
straight through the sequential 7-speed transmission built in by us in combination with the power upgrade to approximately 475 hp, this vehicle unlocks its full potential. In the final race on Sunday we were able to record a respectable 3rd place behind the Corvette and the Viper of the team Geiger Cars. Our Exige was without complaint the whole weekend with lap times around 1.09 on the way, since the Exige for GP sticks like SPA and Nürburgring is tuned for this event unfortunately nothing better to achieve, since both cars were moved by only one driver and we our main attention on the 311 wanted to lay this weekend.
We would like to thank our driver Winny Klein for his driving commitment and his strong performance with two cars this weekend and are very happy that the whole event could be finished without damages or failures of our vehicles


Be curious about further events, projects and conversions ….


See you on Track


Daniel Koblitschek

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Komo-Tec achieves best lap time at the Nürburgring GP circuit

Started on 22.05.2018

At the KT-Track Event at the Nürburgring (15.05) we were able to set a new lap record, with a time of 2.11.69. So far no road registered Lotus has reached this mark.

We see a real chance to undercut this time when we will start with new tires. The used had already completed 3 trackdays.


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